Unsocial Hours and Agenda for Change

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2005 Health Care Service Group Conference
30 December 2004
Carried as Amended

Conference notes that negotiations are to continue later this year on harmonised unsocial hours payments under AfC.

1.Conference believes that unsocial hours payment should be directly linked to unsocial hours worked as in the current Whitley system;

2.Conference does not believe that the introduction of a percentage addition to basic pay, dependant on average unsocial hours worked during a reference period, would serve the interests of our members or the NHS. It would be too complicated to implement fairly and would not provide sufficient incentive to provide full cover;

3.Conference reaffirms our clear position that there should be no detriment in comparison with interim arrangements. We will not accept any further losers in this next stage of implementation of Agenda for Change. This is not just a matter of protecting unsocial hours payments for existing members, but also ensuring that individuals and staff groups who are eligible for unsocial hours payments in the future suffer no detriment compared with the interim arrangements.