Learning and KSF in Health

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2005 Health Care Service Group Conference
23 November 2004

Conference is pleased to note the success of the work to create a learning culture in health branches carried out with support from Union Learning Funded projects across UNISON.

To date since 2002 well over 750 learning advisers and reps* working in xx branches+ have been trained. Pilot branches in each region are trialling training materials to ensure that learning advisers and reps are engaged fully in the roll out of the Knowledge and Skills Framework, and that this work is integrated into the recruitment and organising activity of their branches.

Conference notes the strong link between developing branch structures such as branch education teams and increases in recruitment of new members and activists, including stewards and health and safety reps as well as learning advisers and reps.

Conference further notes that much of this work has been carried out with support from externally funded project workers working closely with Regional organising staff.

In view of the enormous engagement in learning that will arise from the introduction of the Knowledge and Skills Framework, and to capitalise on and extend the huge dividend that this engagement in learning has created for members and the union Conference instructs the Service Group Executive to work with the wider union to ensure that:

·steps are taken to further embed and resource organising around learning in the NHS within UNISON’s regional and national structures, once external funding is no longer available;


·organising around learning in the NHS is included as a standing agenda item on regional and national health committees;


·branches are fully equipped and trained to be able to maximise the opportunities for both members and the union presented by the introduction of the Knowledge and Skills Framework;


·progress in recruiting learning advisers and reps is reviewed and monitored.


* figure at October 04 – can be updated

+ figure to follow