Flat Rate, Pan London Weighting

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2005 Health Care Service Group Conference
31 December 2004

Whilst recognising that some staff have done well out of the high cost area allowance under Agenda for Change, many staff have actually lost some of their London weighing due the move from a flat-rate to a percentage rate. This is a retrograde step as it affects the lowest paid staff. It is also the case that the borders for inner London weighting have contracted as they now follow PCT boundaries, thus removing part of the London Borough of Merton from the inner London area.

We call upon Executive to campaign for a pan-London weighting covering the whole of the area within the M25 and beginning at a flat-rate of $4,500 (linked to annual pay rises). We also call upon the Executive to disseminate available information on living costs throughout the country in order to assist branches in preparing a case for additional high-cost area allowances outside London area.