Completing the Picture – Raising the Profile of Non-Clinical NHS Staff

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2005 Health Care Service Group Conference
31 December 2004
Carried as Amended

Conference welcomes the campaign ‘Completing the Picture’ which aims to raise the profile of clerical, administrative and managerial staff in the NHS. This campaign, organised by UNISON with the NHS Confederation, won the support of 116 MP’s who signed an Early Day Motion in October/November 2004.

The campaign pack features real people doing real jobs, to show how the NHS relies on a variety of ‘support’ jobs, each playing a crucial role in ensuring good patient care. The pack can be used to counter local and national media misrepresentation of clerical, administrative and managerial staff as ‘pen pushers’ or ‘bureaucrats’.

The pack emphasises the fact that administrative and clerical staff are an integral part of the health team and are vital to providing quality services to the public.

In the light of the fact that clerical and administrative staff as a group are potentially the biggest losers under Agenda For Change, it is all the more important to highlight their roles. Conference therefore urges branches to:

1.continue to promote awareness of these roles, using the pack where appropriate;

2. add local case studies of members to supplement the pack;

3. raise the issue with local MPs (particularly if they did not sign the Early Day Motion – the list is available on the campaign website:;

4. respond to any adverse local media stories about administrative, clerical and managerial staff in the NHS.