Participation in Campaigning Activities

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2005 National Disabled Members' Conference
24 June 2005

Conference recognises the right of every member to take part in the union’s campaigning activities, including attendance at marches and rallies. It is therefore important that, as with all other areas of the union’s work, steps are taken to ensure such events are fully accessible to disabled members.

We therefore call upon the National Disabled Members’ Committee to produce guidelines for event organisers with regard to making marches and rallies and similar events as accessible as possible to disabled members.

The guidelines should include:

1)the need for disability equality training for event stewards;

2)the need for event stewards to look out and offer support for anyone who might be experiencing difficulties;

3)providing personal support to individuals, for example a guide for a visually impaired person, or assistance for a wheelchair user when there are no dropped crossings at kerbs;

4)the need for a march not to go at a pace which will make it difficult or impossible for people to keep up;

5)leaflets and other information handed out being available in accessible formats.

Where there are rallies/speeches:

a)PA equipment to be of sufficient volume and sound quality to enable everyone to participate;

b)sign language interpreters and palentype to be provided.

The points above do not necessarily cover all eventualities. Event organisers should be mindful of the need to ensure disabled members can fully participate in all events and take steps to meet needs and remedy problems which arise.