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2005 National Black Members' Conference
19 September 2004
Carried as Amended

Conference notes that since the formation of UNISON in July 1993, Self-Organised Groups (SOGs), who are an integral part of our union, have been able to send two motions, selected from those submitted to their respective conferences, to the union’s decision-making body, the National Delegate Conference.

This Conference believes that in order for all SOGs to become more effective throughout the union and at National Delegate Conference, we need to look at increasing the number of motions submitted onto the agenda from all SOG Conferences.

This Conference believes that SOG motions submitted to National Delegate

Conference should be increased from the present two motions to four motions from all SOGs. This would increase the participation of SOGs at National Delegate Conference and would demonstrate that our union is committed to promoting equality for all its members. In addition, the union would also be going some way to meeting its commitment to implementing the Stephen Lawrence recommendations and the Race Relations (Amendment) Act.

Conference therefore calls upon the National Black Members’ Committee to work with the National Executive Council and all SOGs to bring this about by submitting a rule change to National Delegate Conference 2005, to enable the numbers of motions submitted by all SOGs to National Delegate Conference 2006 to be increased from two to four.

Conference needs to ensure that the four motions are linked to issues for members from the service groups.

Conference instructs the NBMC to develop two to three year work plans which dovetail with the relevant Regional Operational Plan and the allocation of resources should depend upon the Regional SOG having such a plan. In addition the National Black Members Committee should devolve some of the work arising from National BM Conference down to Regional Black Members’ Groups.

Conference further instructs the NBMC to develop more effective ways of joint working across all SOGs.