Migrant Workers

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2005 National Black Members' Conference
15 September 2004

Conference notes that there is a global increase in the number of migrant workers. Many are very skilled with extensive knowledge and skills in the UK, we should value the contribution they make to our economy and the ethnic and cultural diversity they bring to this society. We should welcome all migrant workers who are keeping our service industries alive.

Conference further notes that many professionally gratified migrants are forced to flee their country due to persecution and terrorism.

Conference believes that UNISON should become a champion for the plight of migrant workers, and should address issues relating to exploitation, support and illegal use of migrant workers, including trafficking and prostitution migrant workers (motion).

Conference therefore calls upon NBMC (National Black Members Committee) to liaise with International Committee and NEC to develop a strategy of support and advice for migrant workers in collaboration with other partners such as JCWI.

This strategy should include recruitment of these workers and ensuring services and their rights are protected.