Female Genital Mutilation

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2004 National Women's Conference
6 October 2003
Carried as Amended

Conference acknowledges it is a national disgrace that female genital mutilation continues to be carried out in the United Kingdom today.

Estimates suggest that up to 7,000 girls each year are subjected to this abhorrent practice.

A Private Members Bill, designed to stamp it out, proposes two measures:

1)tighten the loophole whereby some parents are taking girls abroad for the operation, which is illegal in this country;

2)seeks to increase the sentencing of offenders from 5 to 14 years’ imprisonment.

Incredibly no-one has been prosecuted ever.

Conference calls upon the National Women’s Committee to:

a)campaign for education in the schools where most girls are at risk, on the effects both physically and mentally of this appalling practice;

b)work with Labour Link to ensure the law is given teeth, and, to receive annual statistics regarding the number of arrests and prosecutions;

c)organise a poster campaign advertising information as to where women who have suffered genital mutilation can get advice and information. The posters to be placed in toilets, hospitals and other appropriate public places frequented by women.