Paying for Water Services

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2004 Water & Environment Service Group Conference
27 February 2004

This conference recognises that a new basis for paying for water services should to be found to replace the existing outdated rateable value based system. Conference believes that any new system has to ensure that sufficient income is generated to maintain a properly trained and adequately resourced workforce.

Conference further recognises that consumers will expect a new system to be fair and reasonable with proper provisions to deal with socially excluded and financially disadvantaged people.

Conference notes that unlike for other essential public services, little or no public money is provided by Government for investment in water and sewerage infrastructure.

Conference therefore calls on the Water and Environment Service Group Executive to lobby the Government in favour of them publishing a consultative paper on the options for Paying for Water that takes full account of, among other things, the views of UNISON on behalf of the employees in the UK water industry.