OFWAT Price Review

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2004 Water & Environment Service Group Conference
27 February 2004

Conference notes the representations made by UNISON to both OFWAT and Government concerning the price review currently underway. It particularly welcomes the responses made to the various official consultative papers.

Conference recognises that the new prices to be introduced in April 2005 will have a significant impact upon the employees of the water companies in England and Wales. In this connection conference welcomes the efforts made by the Water and Environment Service group Executive to press OFWAT to establish sustainable workforce indicators that are capable of measuring the effects of price reviews on the employees of the water industry.

Conference also welcomes the work being done with Water UK and the Energy and Utilities Sector Skills Council to improve the provision of training and education for water employees.

Conference therefore calls upon the Water and Environment Service Group Executive to continue with its efforts to improve the regulatory regime for water in the interests not just of customers but also the thousands of employees who develop and maintain the essential water services of England and Wales.