Investment in Public Transport

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2004 Transport Service Group Conference
27 February 2004
Carried as Amended

This Conference welcomes recent initiatives by the Government to invest in public transport within West Yorkshire, such as YellowBus, Yorcard and real time information, but notes with great concern that this is insufficient to redress the Tory legacy of inadequate investment in public transport provision.

This Conference also notes that despite the recent problems with the Leeds Supertram project the Government persists in pursuing PFI projects for the provision of public services.

This Conference wholeheartedly supports UNISON’s document ‘PFI: Failing Our Future’ (September 2000, and calls upon the Transport Service Group Executive to urge the NEC to lobby the TUC for more positive action; seek an improved implementation plan for Labour of the Transport Policy through Labour Link for the forthcoming general election; lobby Government Ministers and appropriate members of Parliament and use such actions as a basis for its work programme in the forthcoming year.