Fair Pay in the Environment Agency

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2004 Water & Environment Service Group Conference
27 February 2004

This Water and Environment Service Group Conference notes that the Performance Related Pay (PRP) system operating within the Environment Agency provides an unfair pay system to many of our members employed by the Agency.

This Conference is aware that the current PRP system in place is;




Discredits equalities

and does not reflect the performance of employees

The Agency’s Pay System should be replaced by a structure which;

Is fair and transparent

Values all the Agency’s employees

Decouples performance management and pay

and where the top of each grade’s Salary Entry Zone pays the market rate for the job

This Conference calls upon the Service Group Executive, in conjunction with the Environment Agency Sector Committee, to actively campaign during the ongoing review of the Environment Agency’s pay system for the development of a fairer pay system in the Agency as a priority for our members.