Devolved Government and Transport

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2004 Transport Service Group Conference
27 February 2004

Conference notes the statement by Alistair Darling, MP, the Secretary of State for Transport, which foresees the Scottish Executive, Welsh Assembly and Regional Assemblies in England taking more responsibility for transport.

Conference welcomes this development which is an important step in delivering better and more integrated public transport services.

Conference acknowledges, however, that this development could also entail reorganisation and upheaval for UNISON members working in transport, especially in the PTEs. The Scottish Executive’s proposals to reorganise Strathclyde PTE have raised major staffing issues and Conference fully supports the stance currently adopted by UNISON Scotland in defence of members.

Conference instructs the Transport Service Group Executive to work with other UNISON service groups and regions to ensure, that in the event of any transfers of responsibility for transport to devolved administrations, full staff protection agreements are negotiated which guarantee full implementation of the TUPE regulations and provide for:

i)Full consultation with UNISON;

ii)Guarantees of no compulsory redundancies;

iii)Protection of terms and conditions of employment and pensions;

iv)An agreed process for dealing with any staff relocation issues.

Conference also instructs the Executive to work with the appropriate branches and regions to ensure that they develop recruitment and organisation plans to ensure that we maximise our membership potential and influence.