Use of Titles to DEscribe Police Staff

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Police Staff Conference 2004
1 March 2004

Conference welcomes the tremendous effort in furthering our professionalism through our name – Police Staff. However, some of our colleagues in the Staff Associations (ACPO, PSA and Federation) insist on using other terms to differentiate our professionalism. The use of such terminology could be interpreted as a deliberate attempt to ensure less favourable development towards progression and equality. It is with this in mind that Conference instructs the Service Group Executive to:

1)provide guidance to regions and branches to assist in challenging editors when reporting on police related matters and when describing police staff;

2)give consideration to the use of a caveat on our web page to reflect antiquated documents that use the word “support”. This could also be used when referring to older documents;

3)ensure that the name Police Staff is appropriately used in all correspondence and display material;

4)that where any other name is used by outside agencies a challenge is made on our behalf.