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Police Staff Conference 2004
1 March 2004

This Conference understands the workload of the Service Group Executive is increasing year on year. Since the formation of the service group the motions brought to Conference have increased as we have developed. In addition the police service is a rapidly changing service driven by the Home Office, public pressure and the force itself. In addition Conference understands the SGE to be consulted on issues that affect police staff. Involvement in this consultation is understandably time consuming.

However, Conference notes that motions once agreed seem to disappear never to be seen again.

Therefore Conference instructs the Service Group Executive to :

1)undertake a review of the structure of the SGE. Submit a report to branches for consultation outlining whether the current structure remains sufficient to undertake the increase in workload and demand;

2)set dedicated time aside at its National Seminar to update branches on the progress made on Conference motions.