Police Staff Council Joint Advice

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Police Staff Conference 2004
1 March 2004

Conference notes with growing concern that policies developed by ACPO for police officers are continuously being put forward by Forces for implementation for police staff.

Branches are frequently put under pressure to agree to their implementation or they are unilaterally enforced. Refusal to accept or to enter into discussions is putting unnecessary pressure on branches. Having to react in this way is eroding good working relationships that have developed over the years.

Frequently branches receive advice from UNISON not to accept such policies until they have been agreed by the PSC.

Conference calls on the Service Group Executive to:

1)re-emphasise to ACPO that policies that affect the conditions of service of Police Staff have to be agreed by the PSC before implementation;

2)reach agreement with the Employers’ Side of the PSC that ACPO cannot work unilaterally of the PSC and the SGE;

3)produce joint Secretary advice to forces preventing implementation of such policies before agreement is reached with the PSC;

4)put this forward as an agenda item for the next meeting of the PSC.