Organisation of Young Members

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2004 National Delegate Conference
25 February 2004
Carried as Amended

Conference notes:

1) the hard work and commitment of activists at branch, regional and national level that resulted in the excellent young members’ recruitment figures for 2003, and that this is recognised as an essential part of UNISON’s work in building a sustainable, organised union;

2)that successful campaigning/organising work led by young members around workplace issues, for example the campaign over student nurse accommodation, is a key element in bringing young members into membership and trade union activity;

3)that participation of young activists at all levels of the organisation is growing, but needs to be treated as a priority issue if it is to match the growing levels of membership;

4)that branches, regions and national need to set realistic and achievable targets for improving young members’ participation at all levels.

Conference calls on

a)all regions and branches to address young member participation as a priority issue with the aim of creating dynamic and effective young member activity at all levels of UNISON. The first step in this process should be for branches and regions to urgently review their current arrangements for encouraging the participation and development of young member activists, such reviews to be undertaken in consultation with young members. Issues identified in such reviews should be addressed in branch development plans, with appropriate resource allocation, and a built-in process for monitoring outcomes;

b)all branches to ensure that all recruitment and organising initiatives specifically include measures aimed at supporting and developing young activists;

c)regions and branches to build on successful recruitment initiatives in relation to nursing students, modern apprentices, nursery nurses and other occupational groups of young workers by co-ordinating UNISON interventions at student fresher fairs, trainee inductions and by allocating resources to support this work including utilisation of regional pool funds.