Fighting the BNP

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2004 National Delegate Conference
9 June 2004

Conference believes that racist and fascist organisations have no place in a democratic and pluralistic society.

Conference notes that the recent successes of the British National Party (BNP) have been achieved against a background of media-inspired hysteria against asylum seekers, poverty, supposedly failing public services and the failure of the traditional political parties to engage the electorate.

Conference believes that the social and political conditions should exist whereby no one would be proud to be known as a BNP member, voter or supporter and the BNP must be taken as a serious threat to racial and religious harmony and as a malignant and poisonous feature of the British political system.

Conference notes that UNISON is the largest public sector trade union and therefore can play a major role in influencing society, in particular the New Labour government through its political links.

Conference is further appalled to learn that the British National Party (BNP) has been recruiting women as activists in an attempt to sanitise its image and present itself as a wholesome, family loving organisation. This seems to be part of a growing trend in the far right to recruit and involve more women with a view to winning support from those willing to believe that having more women members equates to having more mainstream politics.

Conference believes this must be tackled and the reality of the BNP’s tactics and their unchanged core racist views made absolutely clear. It is regrettable that women are being hoodwinked in this way or more worrying that they share the racist views of the BNP.

Conference therefore condemns without reservation any political party or group or individual that seeks to make any formal or informal deal with the BNP and instructs the National Executive Council to:

1)campaign to expose the evil nature of the BNP and other fascist bodies and promote a campaign within the membership not to vote BNP;

2)liaise with the National Women’s Committee to remind women of the core racist views of the BNP;

3)encourage local branches to campaign against the BNP and other fascist bodies in their areas. Where possible, this to be done in partnership with local broad-based anti-fascist bodies and other interested community voluntary bodies;

4)campaign to expose the real nature of immigration to Britain and the conditions which the majority of immigrants face;

5)campaign to show the real reasons why public services may be failing and poverty is allowed to exist;

6)maintain pressure on the TUC to ensure that a strong, efficient, anti-racist campaign is promoted within its affiliates;

7)through the agreed forums ensure that the Labour party policies at local and national level do not give the opportunity for the BNP to make political gains;

8)support requests for a united campaign against the far right