End the Two Tier Workforce

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2004 National Delegate Conference
9 June 2004

Despite government promises, a two-tier workforce is still operating in our public services. In England, Scotland and Wales, government has signed up to protocols about future services. In Northern Ireland, government is still considering proposals.

In the meantime, low paid workers in health and education, who were privatised are being exploited.

Conference calls upon the government to take action to eliminate existing inequalities that have arisen within some TUPE transferred workforces.

Conference calls on the National Executive Council to urgently use the resources at its disposal to put pressure on government to end this exploitation. This strategy will include:

1)identifying the inequalities, the workers, the contracts, the companies and the public bodies and publicly exposing them;

2)using equality tools, such as statutory duty under the Race Relations Act in Great Britain and Section 75 of the Northern Ireland Act to challenge the continuation of contracts which widen inequality;

3)holding up to scrutiny ministers, government departments and public bodies who are all obliged to promote equality of opportunity under the above provisions;

4)producing guidance to UNISON’s bargainers at all levels on how to effectively challenge this unacceptable discrimination.