Organising in the Voluntary and Community Sector

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2004 Local Government Service Group Conference
26 February 2004
Carried as Amended

Conference agrees that our work in the Voluntary and Community sector (and also within private companies) is becoming of increasing importance.

Many of our members work in small organisations, with few staff and consequently no stewards or activists. Many organisations do not recognise UNISON and their size leaves them outside the laws on trade union recognition.

Conference congratulates regions and branches for their dedication and efforts in organising in these areas. However, as detailed in our inability to include most of the Voluntary and Community sector in our claim, campaign and industrial action during the 2002 pay round, further work needs to be urgently undertaken.

Conference instructs the SGE to continue to implement the National Community and Voluntary Sector Organising Plan including:

1)To continue with the current national and regional mapping of Community and Voluntary Sector members.

2)To encourage regions to continue to focus on Community and Voluntary Sector employers falling into the 5-19 and 20+ membership bands when selecting targets for recruitment, organising and recognition.

3)Build the network of stewards and workplace contacts including the provision of training and access to support and advice.

4)To report progress to the SGE, the Community and Voluntary Sector Forum, Regions and branches.