Local Government – Defending National Terms and Conditions

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2004 Local Government Service Group Conference
26 February 2004

Conference is wary of the national employers’ wishes to ‘modernise’ working practices and the effect this will have on pay, terms and conditions for local government workers.

Having witnessed ‘modernisation’ in, most graphically, the civil and fire services, we understand this is a euphemism for an attack on nationally negotiated terms and conditions. Conference opposes any erosion of nationally agreed terms and conditions.

Conference notes the stated intention of the employers to review local government conditions of service and their desire to scrap nationally agreed ‘premium rates’ such as shift allowances and overtime payments.

Conference therefore calls upon the SGE to:

1)Mount a campaign amongst the membership to defend national terms and conditions including ‘premium rate’ payments

2)Reject any moves to either scrap ‘premium rate’ payments or devolve them to local level

3)Call a national industrial action ballot, with a recommendation that members vote for action, if the employers attach the scrapping or devolvement to local level of any part of our national remuneration package, to any ‘final’ pay offer in 2004 or beyond.