Joint Negotiating Committee for Youth and Community Workers

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2004 Local Government Service Group Conference
1 March 2004

Conference notes that:

Negotiations on the 2003 pay increase and restructuring of the JNC pay scales are still continuing. The employer’s negotiators and some elements of the staff side are remain resistant to UNISON’s recommendations that youth and community worker’s pay should be subject to equality proofing.

Furthermore the majority of workers are part-time and they have not yet been afforded the full implementation of the Part-time Workers (Prevention of Less Favourable Treatment) Regulations 2000 and remain on worse pay than their full-time colleagues.

Conference welcomes the efforts by UNISON’s negotiators to have the JNC Pink Book updated to reflect Equal Pay, Sex Discrimination and Part-time workers legislation as well as seeking a reform of the staff-side seating arrangements to reflect UNISON’s membership.

Conference instructs the Service Group Executive to intensify negotiations on the Youth and Community Workers JNC to.

1)Change the composition of the staff-side

2)Amend the Youth and Community Workers “Pink Book” to reflect Equal Pay, Sex Discrimination and Part-time workers legislation

3)Seek youth and community workers inclusion in any local government equal pay audits.

4)Produce a report on the progress of the negotiations so that members covered by the JNC can be consulted over the changes or the negotiation of a transition to National Joint Council terms and conditions.