Disparity Between Local Government Staff and Local Government School Based Staff

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2004 Local Government Service Group Conference
1 March 2004
Carried as Amended

This Conference urges the Service Group Executive to enter into appropriate negotiations to put an end to the inequalities and unjust disparity between local government staff and local government school based staff. Such representation should seek the end of Local Management of Schools (LMS) and that staffing powers for schools be handed back to the LEA.

The School Standard and Framework Act (SSFA) provides that it is for the governors to determine the amount of a redundancy payment to staff employed in schools. This is calculated at the minimum statutory requirement. Therefore school based staff, usually women, received less money for redundancy than those employed by the authority who receive enhanced rates. Furthermore this group of worker receive less favourable terms and conditions with regards to no access to redeployment (in line with non-school based staff) and many work term time only. This disparity must end for school based staff.

This Conference calls on the SGE to campaign, support and raise in future negotiations with the Government on workload reforms, that staffing powers in schools to be handed back to the LEA and for an end to Local Management of Schools (LMS).