Continuous Service in Local Government

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2004 Local Government Service Group Conference
1 March 2004

Conference calls on the Service Group Executive to negotiate on improvements in the current policies regarding leave conditions. At present any time served in Local Government employment is discounted if a person leaves the service. If at a later stage a person rejoins Local Government they have to start as a new employee.

Our members would benefit if all service counted, regardless of any break in service. The civil service count all time regardless of breaks and Local Government should adopt the same procedures.

In today’s society we are informed that people may not have one job for life, and people are encouraged to retrain for new careers. Enforced career breaks have become more commonplace, sometimes due to personal or family circumstances which may dictate a person resigning his job or because their employer has made them redundant. Members are not encouraged to come back to Local Government after a break. If a member returns they are penalised on returning to Local Government. At a time when many Councils are struggling to fill posts, penalising members who wish to come back to Local Government is counter-productive.

If all previous years’ service were counted, this would encourage more members to return to Local Government, therefore improving recruitment and retention.