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2004 National Lesbian & Gay Conference
24 September 2004

Conference congratulates the North West Region for its support to the production and premier of Arek (a film about holocaust survival). Conference notes that the film omitted to portray the full range of diverse peoples targeted by the holocaust, including trade unionists, lesbians and gay men, Roma people and others.

Conference congratulates the City and people of Liverpool in being awarded Capital of Culture 2008. Conference welcomes the development of Homotopia which seeks to celebrate through expression different aspects of LGBT cultures as part of the lead up to 2008.

Conference further welcomes the development of the Liverpool Lesbian and Gay Film Festival which ran for the first time in the two weeks prior to this Conference. Conference notes that this festival screened a diverse range of LGBT films and developed linked activities. This included premieres of films reflecting some of the diverse range of LGBT communities reflected in our own union’s membership.

Conference encourages the North West Region and its branches to appropriately support Homotopia and the Liverpool Lesbian and Gay Film Festival.

Conference instructs the NLGC to:

1.Call on the National Executive Council to issue advice to regions, branches and other parts of UNISON on supporting cultural events to help ensure they inclusively reflect the diversity of our membership;

2. Ask other self organised groups to consider making joint representations with the NLGC to the appropriate NEC committee on holding self organised group conferences due in 2008 in Liverpool, to ensure that the cultural values of trade unionism and self-organisation are reflected in the 2008 Capital of Culture celebrations.