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2004 National Lesbian & Gay Conference
30 July 2004
Carried as Amended

Conference welcomes the progress made by UNISON, working with the other affiliated unions, at Labour’s National Policy Forum on 25 July 2004 which agreed a series of policies that will form the basis for Labour’s manifesto for the general election widely expected to take place next year. In particular policies that relate to Pensions, such as:

1.TUPE protection to include pensions based on local government scheme;

2.Steps to make pension credit payment automatic and move beyond means testing;

3.Moving to make pensions a bargaining issue for recognition purposes;

4.Measures on women and pensions;

5.Retrospective compensation – seek matching funding from private sector;

6.Training for pension trustees and move to 50% member trustees;

7.Agreement to engage in effective dialogue over future of public sector pensions;

8.Legislation to move beyond the current voluntary occupational pensions system.

However, Conference is concerned that nomination of pensions by members does not appear to be part of these policies. This adversely affects non-married members of UNISION, and in particular lesbian & gay members, who are currently unable to pass on widow/widower rights.

Conference calls on the NLGC to work with service groups and others to raise the issue of nomination of pensions for lesbian & gay members and report back progress on such pension commitments at the National UNISON L&G Conference in 2005.

Further, Conference calls on the NLGC to work with the other self-organised groups to encourage SOG members to consider becoming member trustees.