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2004 National Lesbian & Gay Conference
11 November 2004

This Conference publicly deplores the horrendous murder of David Morley, aka Sinders, in the early hours of Sunday 31 October, 2004, on London’s South Bank, to what police described as a group of youths. David was a well loved and respected member of London’s lesbian and gay scene, and his murder has touched all of those who came into contact with him, remembering him for his style, warmth, wit and the ability to make those who met him smile.

His death is all the more tragic, as David was one of the people working at the Admiral Duncan pub, when David Copeland set off his bomb, which killled 3 people in April 1999. He returned to work, eventually becoming manager, which showed his ability to overcome adversity. Now his light has been snuffed out, and our community has lost another member to hatred.

Conference believes that lesbians and gay men should live their lives without the fear of attack, and this particularly vicious attack on David and his friend re-inforces this belief.

Conference notes the vigil that took place for David on 5 November 2004, believing that silent protest is the most appropriate way to remember someone’s life.

Conference further notes with alarm, that around the end of September 2004, a man was attacked in Central London, after leaving the Kings Arms pub in Poland Street, only to be found by a policeman, lying in a pool of blood.

Whilst Conference does not believe that homophobic attacks are on the rise, we know that we must remain vigilant in the light of these recent attacks.

Conference also notes and acknowledges the very public position that the Metropolitan Police Force have taken in this, which will hopefully ensure that lesbian and gay men, both in the capital and throughout the country can come out and report hate crimes.

This Conference resolves to:

Ensure that should anyone in our community become a victim of assault, particularly hate crime, they should be offered support, through the appropriate channels, to report this to the authorities.