Decontamination Strategy

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2004 Health Care Service Group Conference
6 April 2004


Submitted by Eastern Regional Health Committee

This conference expresses the greatest concern at the late involvement of UNISON in the National Decontamination Strategy described in Health Circular HC/17/04 to branches on 10th March 2004.

It appears from the information contained in the circular that decisions have already been made on future strategy without UNISON involvement, clearly displaying a complete lack of partnership working as strongly advocated by the Modernisation Agency and the Department of Health.

The services provided by CSSD departments form a vital part of overall NHS services and any proposals need to ensure the maintenance and improvement of existing standards

The proposals contain a mix of direct investment, PFI and Public Private Partnerships with implications for UNISON members in potential job losses and transfers to private sector employers.

Conference asks:

That the strategy be halted until full consultation has taken place with UNISON and other affected unions;

That full information be obtained about the three funding options set out in the strategy;

That the Pilot sites identified in the circular provide full reports of activity covering employment and service issues.

A report back to branches should be provided as soon as possible.