Agenda for Change and Membership Representation

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2004 Health Care Service Group Conference
5 January 2004

Agenda for Change, if accepted, will completely change the structure of the NHS, and all the historical Whitley staff group demarcations will disappear. The way that UNISON Health members are organised will need to respond to this change.

UNISON should grasp the opportunity to review the way in which it can best represent its members’ interests, and ensure that the old apartheid of clinically professional and non-professional staff disappears: all NHS staff would be Health Workers.

However, we should ensure that we provide individual groups of members with the opportunity to debate, at both regional and national level, the issues which are pertinent to their particular roles. The potential of this approach for recruitment cannot be under-estimated.

Motion 6 at the 2003 Health Group Conference called for the Service Group Executive to “seek the views of sectors, regions and branches on the changes to lay structures which will be required to ensure appropriate future representation of the diverse and discrete occupational groups which UNISON represents in the NHS, and to report its findings to the 2004 Health Group Conference.” The South West Region calls for any recommendations from this report to be taken forward without delay if a positive ballot result is declared.