Abuse of Disabled Parking Spaces

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2004 National Disabled Members' Conference
20 July 2004
Carried as Amended

Conference deplores the use of disabled parking spaces by non-badge holders. These spaces have been reduced in numbers considerably, especially in supermarkets, which is bad enough, but when they are blatantly used by other than badge holders, this compounds the infringements on the rights of a disabled person to park near the shop entrance.

Some supermarkets are now taking action by taking registration numbers after the first occasion and giving car users warnings that they will be clamped if they abuse the facility again. Sainsburys are imposing fines of up to £75 for illegal parking.

We call upon the National Disabled Members’ Committee to liaise with National Labour Link in the enforcement of the Discrimination Disability Act (DDA) so that disabled persons are not disenfranchised by uncaring car users. We need to ensure that there is government intervention, so that car users who illegally park in disabled spaces can be clamped after being warned, as some of the supermarkets are doing, to ensure that badge holders can live their lives the same as non-disabled people.