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2004 National Black Members' Conference
30 October 2003
Carried as Amended

To promote a more cohesive and inclusive relationship between black members in the regions and the National Black Members’ Committee (NBMC), Conference instructs the NBMC to:

1)prioritise the action plan for the following 12 months, based on the motions passed at the National Black Members Conference at the first meeting of the newly elected NBMC;

2)the national officer and/or relevant UNISON staff servicing the NBMC to circulate the action plan and recommended prioritised motions to the regional office staff who service the regional black members’ committee for information and circulation to the branch black members groups in each of the regional black members’ committees (RBMC).

3)the regional officer staff to provide the national officer with a list of calendar dates of regional committee meetings and contact details of the elected officers of the regional black members’ committees;

4)once prioritised motions are agreed, the conference action plan with details of the NBMC members on all the working parties with delegated responsibilities for actioning the motions, should be circulated for information to each of the regional black members’ committees throughout the year with regular updates to ensure full inclusion, discussion and accountability;

5)ensure that chair of each regional black members’ committee (RBMC) invites the national officer to attend their first policy/work plan weekend to discuss their regional priorities for black members in branches;

6)provide guidance on how each RBMC will encourage increased participation from the under-represented service groups such as Health, Police and Voluntary Sector;

7)clarify how black members in both branch and region have a link with the NEC reps in their region;

8)invite NEC additional (black) seats representatives to all the NBMC meetings and develop a real partnership and lobbying approach to influencing the NEC and therefore the wider union;

9)deliver a twice yearly meeting between NBMC and chair/vice chair of each RBMC to ensure regions are included in the development of the action plans for both NBMC and the RBMC’s; thus ensuring inclusion, effective communications and broad ownership of the work of the NBMC;

10)work with the secretaries of all the RBMCs to ensure that bids are drafted at start of financial year and submitted to the regional committee and other relevant regional committee’s to enable cross regional working and partnership working with the NBMC to take place;

11)encourage each RMBC to annually provide at least £200 as a donation to whichever region is hosting our annual conference based on an outline of how the host region will ‘welcome’ the other regions to our annual conference. This should form part of the funding bid for attending our annual conference.