Work Related Driving Dangers

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2003 Water Service Group Conference
25 February 2003
Carried as Amended

This Water and Environment Service Group Conference welcomes the report of the independent work related road safety task group, which confirms TUC estimates of 1,000 deaths annually in work related deaths on the road.

The issue of road risk is particularly relevant for employers like United Utilities that cover hundreds of miles North to South and East to West involving employees and UNISON activists covering thousands of miles each year, which now extends to Scotland and Wales as well as the North West of England.

This Conference believes it is a criminal act to put employees and others at risk by employers not managing the safety of their employees at work on the road.

We call upon the Water and Environment Service Group Executive to work with the Energy and Transport Service Group Executives through the Business and Environment Working Group to campaign for employers to follow the lead of United Utilities in carrying out risk assessments and developing good policies to protect their employees on the issue of road risk.