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2003 Water Service Group Conference
25 February 2003
Carried as Amended

This Conference welcomes the implementation of the European Water Framework Directive by the UK Government and looks forward to a more democratic basis for the management of the nation’s water resources. Conference endorses UNISON’s response to the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affiair’s consultation on the Water Framework Directive and particularly welcomes the support given to real stakeholder involvement.

However, Conference expresses its serious concern about the projected loss of financial resources to the Agency at a time when its duties and functions are being extended. Instead of matching duties with the necessary resources, Government expects the Agency to manage through efficiency savings leading to job losses and redundancies.

Without adequate resources the pressures on employees will become intolerable and no amount of internal reorganisation will be able to compensate. Conference therefore calls on the Water and Environment Service Group Executive to take all possible steps to secure adequate funding for the Agency so that all social stakeholders can derive some benefit from the Agency’s new role, not least, its employees.