Training and Development of Retired Members

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2003 Retired Members' Conference
25 June 2003

Conference notes the work done at Retired Members’ Conference 2002 in the workshop on Organising Retired Members. Conference recognises that retired members play a key role in supporting the organising and recruitment aims of UNISON.

Not all retired members have previously been active in the trade union, and those who are experienced activists need their skills on organising and campaigning updated too.

Conference calls on the National Retired Members’ Committee to provide for training and development for retired members to assist them to support UNISON’s organising and recruitment agenda.

Training and development should be aimed at retired members’ secretaries and other activists, and should cover:

1)training on administration and campaigning within the retired members’ section;

2)training and development on the application of information and communications technology (ICT) for union organisation;

3)education and development on UNISON’s policies and structures, and those of the wider trade union movement;

4)development on maximising UNISON’s interaction with the pensioners’ movement.