Membership Records

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2003 Retired Members' Conference
26 June 2003

Good communication is vital to ensure the future of the Retired Members’ Organisation and this is dependent upon accurate records of retired members and retired member contacts being maintained.

Rule G.4.2.2 states that the Branch Secretary shall co-operate with the union’s Head Office in keeping a record of all members’ names, addresses and work groups and in communicating any changes in these matters to the Head Office.

However many retired member contacts’ details do not appear to be accurate and as a result they do not receive basic information such as conference registration documents which has a detrimental affect on the Retired Members’ Organisation.

It is recognised that in establishing the Replacement Membership System (RMS) there was a need to prioritise the records of working members. But now that the RMS is on line in all regions, steps should be taken to ensure that all members’ records, including those of retired members, are accurate.

Therefore Conference requests that all branches signing up to a UNISON membership branch access agreement with regions be made aware that their responsibilities and requirements under the agreement include ensuring that the RMS data referring to retired members is accurate and up to date on a continual basis.