Service Group Conference

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2003 Local Government Service Group Conference
21 February 2003
Carried as Amended

This Conference supports the principle that consideration of prioritised motions should remain the primary function of Conference but also makes the following recommendations:

1)That participation in the prioritisation process be promoted

2)That conference time be allocated for a maximum of two external speakers of strategic importance to members in the local government service group

3)That provision be made for presentations on successful UNISON campaigns, but consideration be given to holding these at fringe meetings and as part of the conference exhibition

4)That the service group participate fully in the UNISON wide review of the impact and implications of political devolution on bargaining and policy , engage in constructive discussion with UNISON in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland and keep the arrangements for the Service Group Conference under review

5)That the SGE initiate a more detailed discussion on the timing of service group conference and consult further with branches, regions, self organised groups, national service group committees

This Conference expresses disappointment that the Service Group Executive has not carried out the actions set out in Motion 39, “Effect on Pay Bargaining of the establishment of the Scottish Parliament and Welsh Assembly.” This motion called on the service group to bring a report to the 2003 Local Government Conference on how the Local Government Conference should be conducted in the light of new Collective Bargaining Arrangements. This Conference reaffirms that a referral as set out in Motion 39 shall be brought back to the 2004 Local Government Conference.