Non-Standard and Unsocial Hours Working

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2003 Local Government Service Group Conference
21 February 2003

This Conference is aware that many local government workers are in “24/7” services working irregular and demanding shifts where “flexibility” is all on the employers side and little or no compensation is made for the disruption in family life and the bad effects on health. Conference instructs the Service Group Executive to investigate the amount of unsocial shift hours being worked by local government employees and the extent to which Part 3 conditions are disregarded by employers. The results of this investigation should form part of UNISON’s submission to the Pay Commission, in order to achieve better pay and conditions for these workers, and in the event of the Commission not producing a satisfactory outcome a separate claim should be lodged with the employers – the aim being not simply to improve Part 3 conditions but for proper and decent allowances to be included in Part 2 of the Green Book.