Progress in the Police

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2003 National Lesbian & Gay Conference
1 August 2003

Conference welcomes the progress being made by the majority of UK Police Forces in accepting diversity in all its forms but particularly in its final realisation that gay men and lesbians do, and should, be represented proportionally within its ranks. Conference applauds the brave lesbians and gay men who have, over the years fought to be accepted, and who have suffered dreadfully in the process, some giving up and resigning, others enduring mental trauma that has never left them and some who have taken their own lives. Equally those who stayed quiet but gave what help they could to lesbians and gay men who were being persecuted by laws that allowed homophobia to be used to “keep up the arrest rate”.

Conference salutes those Chief Constables that gave authority for their officers to attend Pride in London and parade, proudly wearing their uniforms, led by Brian Paddick, an example to all serving officers. Conference also encourages the other Chief Officers who failed to give their permission and asks that in future they may be more farsighted.

Conference instructs the National Lesbian and Gay Committee to write to The Gay Police Association giving encouragement, and to the Chief Constables who gave permission for their officers to march and to write to all Police Branches of UNISON drawing their attention to the actions of their uniform colleagues, and many Police Staff, and the high profile that their actions gave to the lesbian and gay cause. We should also note that the Metropolitan Police were present on site and pro-active in recruitment.

Conference accepts that all is far from perfect but believes that praise should be given where praise is due and that by encouragement the situation will get even better.