Male Prostitution – UK Local Government Response

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2003 National Lesbian & Gay Conference
1 August 2003
Carried as Amended

This Conference expresses its concern at Glasgow City Council’s recent leaflet “Prostitution – Changing the Outlook”. This leaflet is being circulated to all staff in the council and contains information on the council’s policy on prostitution and the role which staff have to play in tackling the issue of street prostitution in Glasgow. The text in the leaflet (and the documents contained in the associated information pack) makes no mention at all of male prostitution. This is discriminatory.

A number of male prostitutes currently work the streets of Glasgow and other UK cities and they have similar problems to those faced by women – violence, drug abuse, self-harm, exploitation by others. In addition, some of them are young gay men who have specific problems related to their sexuality (eg abusive families, homelessness), which need to be addressed. Male prostitutes are as worthy of the council’s concern as the women that this leaflet and this campaign target.

This Conference believes that all those involved in street prostitution require the support of the Council and relevant services to achieve a better life. It is appalling that the Council should restrict its support to one group only and calls on the NLGC (National Lesbian and Gay Committee) to:

1.write to the Glasgow City Council’s Chief Executive expressing concern over the restricted nature of the campaign and seek assurances that the council will take steps to highlight the problem of male prostitution and provide equal facilities in support of the young men trapped into this lifestyle;

2.write to Phace Scotland, a voluntary organisation dealing with sex education and active in counselling young men involved in prostitution, expressing the union’s concern over the council’s actions and supporting their network;

3.ask all regions to contact local councils and health boards to ascertain whether male prostitution is being covered within their prostitution policies.