Lesbian and Gay Members with part-time jobs, manual jobs and other low paid jobs

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2003 National Lesbian & Gay Conference
1 August 2003

Conference welcomes the progress this self-organised group (SOG) has made and has sustained towards achieving proportionality in its structure and towards achieving fair representation with respect to race and disability.

Conference considers that this progress has resulted from specific structures, requirements and mechanisms applied rigorously and consistently and adequately resourced. It does not consider that aspiration, exhortation and sporadic initiative could have produced the same result.

Conference notes that UNISON Rule D.2.11.3 defines fair representation in terms of race, sexuality, disability and, also:

1. part-time and full-time work;

2. manual and non-manual work;

3. occupations;

4. skills;

5. qualifications, and,

6. responsibilities.

Conference therefore regrets to note that the following groups of members, who make up significant proportions of UNISON’s membership, continue to be under-represented at this Conference by a factor of at least five:

A. members with manual jobs who are about a fifth of UNISON members;

B. members who earn less than £10,000 a year, about a half of all UNISON members, and,

C. members who work fewer than thirty hours a week, probably nearly half.

As far as we can tell the same level of under-representation is true throughout this SOG and, despite discussion at several previous conferences, there is no sign of this changing and no programme of work in place to attend to it.

Conference recalls:

I. resolution T (Motion 14) of the Fourth Conference, 1996;

II. remitted Motion 5 of the Sixth Conference, 1998;

III.the report, Fair Representation and Monitoring, received by the Seventh Conference, 1999, and the resulting decisions, and

IV.the Resolution (Motion 7) of the Eighth Conference, 2000.

The last instructs the National Lesbian and Gay Committee (NLGC) to review the decisions etc. of previous conferences and report to the Ninth Conference (2001) but no report reached either the Ninth or Tenth Conferences so the NLGC appears not to have carried out this instruction.

Conference now instructs the NLGC to:

a. review the relevant decisions of earlier conferences, investigate whether they were carried out and evaluate the results of doing so;

b. examine the structures, requirements, mechanisms and resources which achieve fair representation in other respects and consider whether they are likely to achieve a similar result for lesbian and gay members in manual jobs, part-time jobs and other low paid jobs;

c. consult widely using a variety of methods;


d. submit a report to the Twelfth Conference which includes specific proposals and a series of annual targets which will achieve fair representation in these respects over not more than three years.