Practitioners in Emergency Care (P.E.C.S)

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2003 Health Care Service Group Conference
1 December 2002

Conference notes the introduction of P.E.C’s (Practitioners in Emergency Care).

Conference also notes that:

·The present system encourages young, inexperienced graduates to become Paramedic Practitioners. This is an unsafe method of introducing additional staffing into the Ambulance Service;

·Budgetary concerns, funding and resource management issues mean that existing staff are denied the opportunity to access the appropriate training which will allow them to become Paramedic Practitioners. This is grossly unfair and a violation of our members’ equal rights.


Conference therefore instructs the Health Service Executive to campaign at the highest level to ensure that:

1.Proper regulation and assimilation of the Paramedic Practitioners into the Ambulance Service be agreed;

2.Equal opportunities and personal development plans be agreed so that all members in the Ambulance Service have the same opportunity to access appropriate training in order to attain the necessary qualifications to achieve the status of Paramedic Practitioner.