The Employment Act 2002

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2003 Energy Service Group Conference
4 March 2003
Carried as Amended

The Employment Bill 2003 introduced a whole host of welcome changes to Working Terms and Conditions. In particular it introduces the right for employees to request a change to working hours based upon child-care needs. This is a positive step in securing flexible working arrangements for our members.

However, in order to ensure that UNISON Representatives are equipped to negotiate the best arrangements possible, we call on the Energy Service Group Executive to co-ordinate the following:

1)arrange practicable and suitable training for reps;

2)issue a question and answer leaflet with Key Issues;

3)draft model policies for reps to use and implement;

4)identify good working practices, and publicise these both in the Energizer, and on the UNISON website;

5)incorporate a discussion item on training within the next National Energy Seminar.