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2003 Energy Service Group Conference
4 March 2003
Carried as Amended

There are an increasing number of utility companies either looking at or now using overseas call centres to resource work that has previously been carried out within the UK. Many of these call centres are being set up in the Far East where the annual salary is £2000 compared to the £12000 paid in the United Kingdom.

That UNISON should be at the forefront of the campaign to prevent companies operating within our public services using overseas workers as cheap labour.

That this is a campaign which the National Young Members Forum the Energy Service Group, Transport Service Group, Water and Environment Service Group and the International Department can all co-operate on.

Conference calls on the Energy Service Group Executive to work with the Water Service Group Executive and the Transport Service Group Executive via the Business and Environment Working Group.

To investigate the use of overseas workforces and the impact it is having on:

1.The unionisation of overseas employees

2.The working terms and conditions of overseas employees

3.The extension of outsourcing by utility companies

To report the findings of its investigation to the 2004 Energy Conference.