Positively Public – International Perspective

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2002 National Delegate Conference
22 February 2002
Carried as Amended

Conference affirms its opposition to the General Agreement on Trade and Services as agreed at last year’s Conference.

Privatisation of public services and promotion of free trade is an international agenda promoted by the World Trade Organisation (WTO) and International Monetary Fund (IMF) in the interests of multi-national corporations and finance capital.

UNISON’s Positively Public campaign will not achieve the aim for public services to be publicly owned, accountable and democratically controlled, and adequately resourced without addressing and challenging this international agenda.

Conference welcomes the emergence of a broad coalition challenging corporate globalisation and seeking and developing alternatives based on need, social justice, workers’ rights and equality. Conference agrees that UNISON and its Positively Public campaign should be an active part of this broad coalition.

Conference notes the establishment of the World Social Forum and welcomes National Executive Council representation at the forum held earlier this year, and the developing relationship with non-governmental organisations.

The World Social Forum brought together more than 50,000 participants from trade unions, community, voluntary and non-governmental organisations throughout the world. The Forum provides an opportunity for all those involved in struggles for a better world and opposed to global capital to meet, discuss, learn and begin the process of building a global movement.

Conference believes UNISON, one of the world’s biggest public sector unions should:

1)Further develop its information/education strategy to ensure an international perspective of the key issues our members are facing, and in particular, privatisation;

2)Support and participate in the proposed European Social Forum and the next World Social Forum and circulate information on these events to regions and branches.