UNISON’s 10th Anniversary

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2002 National Lesbian & Gay Conference
31 July 2002

Conference notes that 2003 will be UNISON’s 10th Anniversary. This will be a milestone anniversary of the coming together of the original 3 unions (COHSE, NUPE and NALGO). These 10 years have seen many achievements that UNISON should be proud of. Therefore this anniversary should be an opportunity to reflect on our achievements and renew our determination to build for the future. Conference believes that the NLGC should encourage the NEC to mark the anniversary by organising an event that should:

1.Raise the union’s profile.

2.Provide a focus to build the union for the future.

3.Provide opportunities to raise the equalities agenda and profile and the excellent initiatives within the union.

Conference believes that one of the greatest achievements of UNISON has been the development of self-organised groups. It is notable that many other unions are considering following UNISON’s lead in organising their members to fight for equality in similar ways. The youth and retired members’ committees are also important parts of our structures and reflect our recognition of the need to involve young members as well as value the experience of our retired members. Conference believes, therefore, that it is important for the union to acknowledge this aspect of our history by adopting “equality” as the main theme for all our 10th anniversary celebrations.