Joint Scotland & Northern Ireland Training Event

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2002 National Lesbian & Gay Conference
31 July 2002

Conference recognises the valuable experience that regional training offers to groups and individual members. This training is further beneficial when it involves more than one region, and in April of this year UNISON Scotland hosted a joint event with our colleagues in Northern Ireland. This event was a reciprocal event following on from the success of the joint training weekend held in Omagh, Northern Ireland. This was a highly successful event with a whole range of learning outcomes identified and achieved including:

1.reinforcing working links with the 2 regions;

2.building a knowledge of other organisations working towards equality for lesbians and gay men;

3.identifying and developing common areas of work with unison and partner organisations

Conference notes that this event did more than achieve the original aims and objectives, it brought two regions together who politically have made great strides towards equality.

Therefore conference recommends that inter regional training is:

A.endorsed and encouraged by National Lesbian and Gay Committee;

B.where possible funding and resources allocated;

C.promoted and included in the annual calender of events at national and regional level;

D.supported by a training pack created by the NLGC to assist with the facilitation of this training