Equalities Commission*

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2002 National Disabled Members' Conference
3 July 2002

This Conference notes with concern the Government’s proposal to merge the Disability Rights Commission (DRC), the Equal Opportunities Commission and the Commission for Racial Equality into one Equalities Commission. We believe this would be detrimental to the interests of disabled people. The DRC was formed in 2000 and it has already made significant progress against discrimination. We fear this impact could be diluted within this large all- encompassing organisation. We also believe that this would create a hierarchy of oppression.

Conference calls upon UNISON:

1)At national level to make representation to the Government along these lines, in order that safeguards can be guaranteed;

2)In addition, we call upon UNISON to press the Government not to use the resulting economies of scale as a money saving exercise but rather to maintain and improve spending levels on these services.