Amnesty International and Afghan Prisoners

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2002 National Black Members' Conference
23 May 2002
Carried as Amended

Conference notes the call of Amnesty International for a public inquiry into the mass killings of Afghan prisoners at the Kala-I Janghi Fort and other parts of Afghanistan and is conscious of the presence of British and United States (US) Special Forces on site during the massacre and heavy bombardment of the prisoners by the US Air Force.

Conference further notes that the Northern Alliance commander of the Fort, General Dostum, is a notorious killer with a long record of war crimes, as is General Ariel Sharon resulting from his indirect responsibility for the massacres in the Sabra and Chatilla camps in Lebanon in 1982, which though committed by others, would not have been possible without his involvement. Conference calls upon the National Black Members’ Committee, National Executive Council, National Affiliated Political Fund and International Committee to work with all self-organisation committees to lobby our UNISON Link MPs to:

1)Support the setting up of such an inquiry;

2)Produce an article for Black Action;

3)Invite a guest speaker from Amnesty International;

4)Lobby the Government to ensure that Afghan prisoners, which are currently being detained illegally by the United States Government in Cuba and Diego Garcia, be granted the right to a fair trial as a matter of urgency.