Lights, camera and pay action

A short film that you share on social media is a very effective way to get your messages about pay out there and turn it into a story about people rather than just about money and statistics.

There are different styles of video technique – and it’s easy to make a 20-30 second video using just your smartphone or tablet.

Interview/talking head style

This is when you ask people to answer a couple of questions on pay. For example: How has the value of your pay affected you? What would you do if you got an increase in your pay? Does your pay affect how you feel about the job you do? You need to subtitle the video – we can help with this if you’re not sure how.


You can make an effective video by asking people to write one statement on a whiteboard/blackboard/card eg “Public services need a pay rise because….” and video them showing it to camera and flipping it over. Do it with four or five people – in different settings if you can. Edit and add some copyright free music and you’re done! No subtitling needed and you could come up with something like this.

Facebook slideshow

Similar to above, but you use still photos. Facebook even has standard music you can use which automatically fits the length of the slideshow. See an example here.

Or you can use Instagram or Snapchat stories.


Report on pay at your workplace as if you are a journalist. Explain what is happening with public sector pay, then ask a couple of people to comment. Keep it short, you’ll need to subtitle it for social sharing!

Video tips

  • Try to film in natural light (outdoors), or in a well-lit space.
  • Shoot at eye level of the person you’re filming.
  • Use a tripod or stick to keep the phone steady.
  • Frame the person slightly to the side of centre and ask them to look at you.
  • Use a microphone (clip on or attached to phone) to get better sound
  • Leave a pause between their answer and your next question, so you can easily edit your own voice out (or hold the questions up on a board)
  • Film in landscape, not portrait
  • Keep it short – 20/30 seconds ideally for social media
  • Use subtitles/captions. You can use apps like Splice on your phone, or iMovie, or YouTube captioning. If you need help, email us
  • Put it directly on all your platforms – eg upload to YouTube, and Twitter, and Facebook. Don’t just use the YouTube link for all platforms!