Ten ways to mark the final 2 days for 2k

With the Pay Review Body due to make its recommendation to the Westminster government in late June, the decision on NHS pay will then be firmly in the hands of the government and top of the PM’s mind.

Together we can make sure that our June 2 days for 2k is the biggest yet. Big or small, at this crucial moment in the campaign the important thing is get involved.

We’ll be mapping every event, so once you have made your plans make sure to let us know the details by filling in this quick survey to get your event on the national map.


1 Set up a stall and start conversations
It’s simple but it works. The most important part of 2 days for 2k is getting out there and talking to people, as many people as possible! And if you can get them to come to you, all the better. Sort a spot for a stall then use some of the ideas below. Make it as fun and engaging as possible to really draw people in.

2 Play ‘Boris Says’ Bingo
Boris Johnson’s praise for the NHS during Coronavirus has been so frequent and effusive, it’s hard to believe he thinks NHS workers deserve a pay rise of just 1%. He may have a lot to say about the brilliance of the NHS, but who can get 3 Boris Johnson quotes in a line, or a full house!


3 Set up a letter writing club

A handwritten note can go a long way. We’ve been ensuring MPs get dozens of emails every day, but the more personal you can make your message the more they listen. So by coming together to write short notes you can make it an event (as well as save on postage!)

Messages don’t have to be long; they can be a couple of sentences. People may wish to share their experiences of working through COVID, how they feel about a 1% rise, their worries and concerns for the future, or simply the brilliance of their NHS colleagues.

Find some time when people can gather to write a short handwritten notes to the local MP, or set up a drop-in station where people can pop by over the 2 days. Then when people have written their short messages gather them together in an envelope and post!

Send your letters to: MP NAME, House of Commons, London, SW1A 0AA

4 Get everyone outside for an aerial ‘2K’ photo
Set a time for people to gather out in the sun (we hope!) and arrange everyone to spell out “2K”, head up high to take a snap to share on social media – make sure you @UNISONOurNHS and we’ll share.

5 Target the sweet teeth and the tapping feet
Whether you set a 2 days for 2k related theme and have a bake-off or run to the shops and grab a few Celebrations, nothing draws a crowd like some sweets and treats! You could also crowdsource a playlist of songs about waiting and pop it on in the background of your event.

Once you’ve reeled people in, you can start important conversations!

6 The details challenge
Whatever offer the government makes on NHS pay, every member of UNISON will need to have their say on what happens next. That means making sure everyone in your branch has up-to-date details so they can have their say, and no one misses out.

Why not inject a bit of fun? Set up a leader board, select a prize, order leaflets, set up an iPad or tablet and make it a competition to see who can get the most people to log in to UNISON and make sure their details are 100% up-to-date!

We have also made a general and some occupation-specific posters for staff groups we know are least likely to have updated their details with us recently. Put these up where you know they’ll be seen by the groups you want to target.



7 Get the placards and t-shirts out and organise a rally outside
A classic for a reason. Set up a time and place and rally members outside. Just like with a stall, you could incorporate some of the other ideas to make it fun and enjoyable. Play a bit of bingo, pop on a crowdsourced playlist on waiting and make sure you take lots of pictures!

8 Keep it simple with leaflets and stickers
If you’re strapped for time, don’t worry just keep it simple! Order some leaflets and stickers and hand them out to members, staff and visitors. Get more members involved by inviting them to sign up for 10 or 15 minute periods where they’ll help hand stuff out over the 2 days for 2k.



9 How long does it take?
June’s 2 days for 2k will mark 300 days since UNISON first wrote to the PM asking for a fair and affordable £2k pay rise for all NHS staff.

While the Westminster government’s dithering and delays mean a proper pay rise for NHS still hasn’t happened 300 days later, there’s a lot that can be done in under 300 days!

How many times could you orbit the moon? How many times could you climb Mount Everest? How many times could you sail the world?

Set up a quick and easy game for people to guess how many times you could achieve incredible human feats in 300 days, with prizes for those that get it right!


10 What would you do with £450?
If the government had agreed to a £2k pay rise for all NHS staff for the 1st April, health workers would already have £450 of that £2k in their pockets by now. Ask members and staff to note down what this money would have meant to them, or how they might have spent it. You could collect them together on a board and take a snap or take pictures of people one by one.

Once you have a collection of messages you could post pictures on social media and even send them over to the constituency MP for your workplace in the post or via email.